This will unlock this side mission and mark the location of Clay's knife on your map. Tom Watts (Vampyr) Sabrina Cavendish; Clay Cox; Summary. When you first meet Clay Cox, he's been in a fight and has been stabbed. In Autumn 1918, Clay brutally gut a young man, the new of which spread across the Docks. She's responsible for the death of Jack Gillingham. Clay appears early in the game near the Pembroke Hospital's landing. You earn a trophy for either choice - meaning you must play through the game twice and try things both ways to get both trophies. Clay Cox is a human citizen and leader of the Wet Boots Boys gang. He served one term as a member of the Georgia House of Representatives from the 108th District, serving from 9 January 2017 until 14 January 2019. One of the NPCs you’ll have to make this decision with in Vampyr is Clay Cox, so let’s run you through what happens when you spare or embrace him. Our Vampyr Take Me to the Hospital Walkthrough will guide you on how you can clear the second main quest of the first chapter ‘Quarantine’ of the ... you will notice Clay Cox killing a civilian. Biography Events of Vampyr Characteristic Personality. Reading the letter will give you this hint. Clay Cox. Head south from the hospital to the bridge that takes you to the docks. Clay's Hatchet: 1H: Kill Clay Cox. Retrieve the Knife of Clay Cox. ""Ms. Cox is married to known violent criminal Clay Cox, and she is proud to bear the Cox name. Edwina got wind of this and sent a note to Clay, telling him to stay away from the Docks until things quieted down. Speak to Clay and select "Your life in London?" He's a rude bugger and doesn't do much to foster goodwill. Look for a letter in the tent and read it, then talk to Clay Cox. The family of the murdered man began to hunt for Clay, and the brother of the dead man swore to kill Clay in revenge. (SPOILERS AHEAD)" - Page 2. Then select "Your wife's letter pissed you off? He hardly displays any affection for his wife, being more attached to the knife she gave him as a wedding gift. Nobody is affected by his death. IDG / Hayden Dingman I could name you a staggering number of characters from Vampyr , in part because … You'll have a choice - suck his blood, and kill Clay Cox, or release him. This quest of the Vampyr Walkthrough requires that you have spared the life of Clay Cox during the main quest titled “Take Me to the Hospital”. Posted on June 24, 2018 January 16, 2020 by Chappie . Clay Cox is a man deeply lacking in moral qualities. Read the letter next to Clay - it is lying on a chest (chapter 3). A low-life with no consideration for other human beings, save perhaps his wife, Edwina. He considered Edwina to be his female counterpart, she was the only woman he ever respected - maybe because she was the only one who ever dared to oppose him. Beatrice questions the Pembroke Hospital’s efficiency ... Clay Cox – 4 hints. Vampyr is an action RPG created by the Paris based studio Dontnod, which is also known for the games "Remember Me" and "Life is Strange".Player character is the physician Jonathan E. Reid, who returns home from the war to London in the year 1918, just to see the people dying from the Spanish flu. If you do, sure, you’ll get a healthy chunk of XP, but there’s plenty more to enjoy in Vampyr if you spare him (….for now). Edwina is very boastful and arrogant about her position in the Wet Boot Boys. The gang-imposed rules were only meant for outsiders, and Mr. Cox himself owned a large section of the black market that now plagues the district. For Vampyr on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Spare or Kill Clay Cox?? The player can then choose to embrace Clay to gain 500 XP or to spare him. Rakesh's Surgical Saw: 1H: Kill Rakesh Chadana and unlock the chest in his tent. Clay Cox is a Citizen of the Pembroke Hospital District. ", This will give you Hint 4 of 4 for Clay.Continue the conversation by selecting "Don't you want it back?". Something about complaining about killing him from behind like a coward. The next night, you’ll find Clay sitting in a tent in front of the Pembroke Hospital. The Hacksaw is a really good weapon because it is a bleeding weapon. Used Hacksaw – It is found on the Second Floor of Pembroke Hospital, on a table., Two different achievements/trophies can be earned after the first meeting with Clay in Chapter 1, depending if Clay is embraced or spared. Clay has no associates in the area. If you release him, you will meet the man in a later game. He has a reputation for violence and is suspected to be guilty of many crimes, including murder, but has evaded the law so far. This presents your first big choice in Vampyr, as the player is able to both save or kill Clay Cox. If anybody in the district deserves to die, it's him. Clay intends to remain a gang leader after his recovery. He is the first citizen Jonathan is able to mesmerise and embrace; in a required interaction, Jonathan mesmerizes Clay and guides him into a secluded area. or "Prepare to die, soon...", After learning Hint 2 of 4 for Clay Cox, Speak to Clay and select "Personal Questions." He lacks empathy and has a penchant for violence, and is quite proud of himself for having evaded the law. He's a thug who murders people without mercy when it benefits him. He intends to return as leader to the Wet Boot Boys gang after he recovers, but he remains at Pembroke hospital for an indefinite period of time. If Clay is spared, he will stay by the riverside until Chapter 2. The knife is located on the pier to the right of the bridge. ... Clay Cox. You encounter Clay Cox in chapter one of the game and you will need to make a choice with him. It is also found really early on in the game so it is one of the best weapons to go for. Finally, select "Did he want revenge?" Then select "How long can you avoid the law? Right, I remember that now that you mention it. Just edit that out. He often maimed or killed those who crossed him, which caused instability for the gang and the rest of the Docks community. Vampyr [Major Spoilers] Facts about ‘not even once’ Sign in to follow this . Reid embraces Clay, draining him of blood as Clay writhes about. It is worth having caution around her, knowing her ties to dangerous factions."" The knife is down on the wharf next to the river on the south side of the Pembroke Hospital district. He and Edwina worked together as leaders of the gang, though they were often at odds with each other. Press J to jump to the feed. You will be taught how to Mesmerize your victims. After you've finished the Take me to a Hospital mission, Clay will start showing up near the tents in front of the hospital. Jonathan can watch how Clay kills a young man and shoves him into the river. On the streets he is attacked and transformed into a Vampire. Clay had murdered the brother of the man who tried to kill him. He is a serial killer, so.. Clay is the husband of Edwina Cox. Edwina is worth a maximum of 5000 XP Justification - Edwina Cox is the current leader of the violent Wet Boot Boys gang. The knife's location is in a small alcove along the waterfront south of the hospital. While Clay enjoyed asserting his leadership through violent acts, Edwina wanted to strengthen the gang's power through business and getting people to obey them.

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