Thanks! Trying to convince my better half that we should invest in an AC unit. . If you live in our service area, we would be happy to provide you with one. A heat pump can replace your air conditioner, and possibly your heating system as well. Both systems use the refrigeration process to extract heat energy and moisture from inside air, and then release the heat into the outside air, using refrigerant, copper coils, fans and a compressor. Thank you. Dave, thanks for asking. Both these units are made by the same company. I thought that it was interesting when you said that there are different kinds of air conditioning unit that you can have installed in your home depending on your need. My brother doesn’t have a heat pump but he told me he’s been thinking about installing one before winter. Hey! We are finding that the heat pump is not cooling the second story of our home to low enough temps (still uncomfortable at night). But it is important to make sure it’s the right choice for your needs. Do heat pumps cool down like A/C units or is this normal. Installation costs of heat pumps can be high, and while they may save you money in the long-run, an expensive upfront cost is not possible for everyone. Heat pumps and air conditioners actually perform virtually the same, with very similar energy efficiency levels. For the most part, we don’t get radical temperature extremes. Probably not. In the summer, heat pumps will move the warm air outside, leaving your house cool. Can I run my ac unit without the heat pump being on? But I’m sure someone near you would love the opportunity to steer you in the right direction. To calculate how many days that would be, you could take a look at an average temperature record for your area (easily available with online search), and find the days between 35 degrees and the average temperature at which you don’t run your heat. As an aside, many (not all) builders try to use the minimum required by code, and not necessarily go the extra mile on things that are not seen, like duct work. There are a lot of benefits to using a heat pump vs air conditioners: Pros. Also, with home already prepared with duct work, what ballpark cost are we talking about to add a HP or AC? Based on your heating fuel cost comparison chart, it appears heat pump is the most cost effective. We have an upstairs and downstairs heat pump units. If you live in a climate that can get extremely hot, having central air can be the most reliable way to keep your home at a comfortable temperature during warmer months. Some heat pumps are not capable of heating at very low temperatures, so some form of supplemental heat is sometimes needed. The cost for AC and the heat pump will be similar, likely around $4,000 – $6,000. If so, then the source of your payback on the $1000 will come from efficiencies when you are in heating mode. Posted in We’ll assume you mean that the heat pump is $1000 more? I powered our gas fired/forced air furnace with a standby generator and we were cozy. Which should I consider to get air conditioning, a heat pump or Central A/C? If you heat your home with electricity, then the energy savings from a heat pump could be meaningful, and you should definitely give it a look. For a ~1,600 sqft two floor home would a 16 SEER vs a basic 13 SEER unit be overkill based on average variables? Our house is around 5200 sq ft. To cool your home, air-source heat pumps draw the heat out of your home. It might come down to cost to operate. Changing out a heat pump for an AC would not provide better cooling. They are operated by remote control. Most people don’t realize that heat pumps come in different sizes, which relate to how much output it will take to heat your house (or cool it). Can there be significant savings between the two? Attic fans are used in this area, in fact we sell and install them (although Bellingham is out of our service area). Thank you. When there are issues cooling one area of a home but other areas are cooling satisfactorily, it is either home performance (insulation/air sealing) issues or duct work limitations. If your power is higher cost, then having a gas furnace in the mix might save you in the long run. Also, if the power goes out we have a power generator which used to provide power to one of our furnaces which provided adequate heat for part of the house. To cool several rooms, a split air conditioner can be a good option because they typically do not take up as much room as a window unit. ———-. Baseboard electric is not something we do – nor do we recommend it! Efficient heat pumps run with continuous operation and can be louder than an AC (depends on a number of factors including brand and location). It’s difficult for us to say about your radiators, but at the very least you can be sure that ductless is a great way to achieve cooling in an efficient way. Because heat pumps remove heat from a cool area and transfer it to a warm area, they can be used to both heat and cool and so can be useful all year long. While each person’s preferences are different, the value for heating might make a heat pump a better choice. Will a heat pump be sufficient to cool my house in the summer? Duct work issues are often pre-existing and hard to know the full extent of before a heat pump or air conditioner is installed, as delivering cool air has some different challenges compared to delivering heat. A BPI certified auditor will do a whole home assessment including a blower door test and infrared imaging. There are a few things to consider in Central Washington. I would be sure to hire a professional to install a central air conditioning unit in my home to ensure that my family will enjoy cool air throughout the summer months regardless of which room they enter in the house. The best equipment with inadequate ductwork will not perform anywhere near its potential (imagine a Porsche with off road tires instead of sport tires). Heat pumps are systems that transfer heat energy from a lower temperature to a higher … I assumed adding AC was the way to go, but I was quoted both an AC and a heat pump. I wanted to give props to whoever is continually replying to these random questions, 3 years later, with many people outside your service area. The majority of heat pump systems found in homes are air-source systems. When it comes to household cooling, a heat pump and A/C are essentially the same machine. A heat pump and air conditioner (given they are the same size and same general model family) are exactly the same in ability to provide cooling. The most efficient type of heating and cooling solution is a ductless heat pump, but as you mention you are skeptical of heat pumps. Learn more. Call us or fill out our form and we would be happy to discuss your options with you! We have a huge range of air conditioning units, save money on your energy bills now. (1)Which type of system should I steer toward Cooling, Air conditioning. The heat pump is also one of the ‘greenest’ ways to heat and cool your home because it is powered off of renewable electricity. If your home is currently heated by an inefficient heat source, for example oil, you’ll see much lower heating costs with a heat pump. I am in favor of heat pumps and the house is about 2100 SQ Feet split foyer. We are buying a house that has an efficient gas furnace. In North Carolina (hot and humid, but also needing heat) is AC or heatpump a better investment? Hi They both heat and cool. Also, I currently have gas-powered baseboard heat. So again that means that it’s the same? Your local HVAC contractor will be able to model out a comparison of heat pump vs AC and the impact each will have on your heating cost and cooling cost. Heat pumps can save you money! But, we suggest having a pro give you a free estimate. We are buying another house with a 21 year old gas furnace + 7 y.o. Yes, heat pumps can do a great job of cooling homes in the summer. Your AC guy is probably right. The refrigerant, now warm, goes to the condenser coils, where the compressor makes it cool again before returning it to the indoor coils. Below, we’ve taken the time to discuss both options and the pros and cons of using a heat pump vs Air Conditioner, so that you can make an informed decision about which is right for your home. I’m have a new oil hot air furnace and want to install a heat pump or central air conditioner in an old house but fairly well insulated(walls & windows). Would a heat pump be better? If you heat with natural gas in the winter, and your furnace is high efficiency and well maintained, then you’d have to look at the comparative pricing between the AC & Heat pump in your area. Approximate cost for 1800 sq ft ranch with basement?thank you. With a heat pump, you can use the same system to cool your home that you do to heat your home, and heat pumps can save energy costs by 30 to 40 percent when it comes to heating your home during the winter, says Pat Cray, owner of South Hills Electric in Pittsburgh.. I really didn’t know this. Heat pumps provide an economical source of heat (the air, it’s free!) Energy efficient– air source heat pumps can generate less CO2 than conventional heating systems. We will have new vent piping installed which will replace those which fed heat to the house via existing furnaces (2). I’m a senior and like my heat warming up fast. So, if you wanted to power your heat pump via generator it could be done. We can’t speak for Maryland specifically, but there are many choices available simply because heat pumps are a popular choice. I’m looking to replace my heat pump but I’m not sure if a heat pump or an air conditioner is the best way to go. I have a heat pump and find it is not keeping up with the current hot weather. A heat pump has similar operating costs to an air conditioner in the cooling season. In fact, our climate is one of the most efficient for heat pump operation. Our winters last 3-4 months. What most people do not realize though is that heat pumps also work in reverse and pull heat out of your house during the summer. Could it handle 1500 sq ft with no ducts? Here in the Northwest, we have a longer heating season, so heat pumps are more common because they efficiently heat and cool. They use the science of thermal energy to transfer heat in the air from one place to another. Hi Joey, you would have a condenser outside and multiple indoor units working to cool each zone of the house. Q#2 Would I be correct in assuming that a heat pump has far too big a start up surge to make powering one with a typical residential generator in an outage situation? Or do you recommend a subordinate heat source for our cold wet winter days? If the choice is not clear, though, it is important to consider the pros and cons of both options. You should also consider that the larger your house, the more indoor units you’ll need for the air to move efficiently, and so the more expensive installation becomes. Heat pumps are not suitable for every climate. Air conditioners do not provide heating, but heat pumps do. Maybe it won’t turn on, or it no longer heats up appropriately. The trade off is that air conditioners is a little more energy efficient at cooling. im buying a new furnace and either a ac or heat pump my home is well insulated and the cost between the 2 will be about 1000$ just wondering if a heat pump will be the way to go over ac i live in indiana for a savings. In the summer, they move heat from … And is it easy to replace heat pumps with A/C instead after the fact? We are in the San Francisco Bay Area (zone 3 moderate). All rooms open off a 32×16 great room. Would a heat pump really save us more than a quality A/C unit? All of the estimates that we have from manufacturers and utilities show that the cost to heat with a heat pump is approximately 1/3 of the cost to heat with oil. We figure it would be a good time to add it as v have replace our propane furnace. Give us a call at 800-398-4663 or fill out our free estimate form and we would be happy to visit your home and put you on the path to a more comfortable summer. How Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps Work. This is helpful since I’m looking to replace my HVAC system since it is about 20 years old, so I’m trying to figure out what to replace it with. More goes into the heat calculation than just square footage. Hello thanks for asking, In mild climates where heat pumps are more efficient for heating during the winter, one system can be used for both heating and cooling, reducing your overall A compressor or condenser is used outside, and anywhere between one and four air handlers are used inside. The indoor units should be installed somewhere high, like up on a wall or on the ceiling. Something that people may not always think about, but that can have a big impact, is the cooling system for their home. It is 3 years old and has a gas furnace. By removing the heat, your home feels cooler. Live in VA beach. If you’re wondering which way to go, our reps can have a chat with you and show you a few different options depending on your home comfort pain points and budget. For homeowners with ducts the leading options are central air conditioning or a heat pump. What are you thoughts? In warm months this means that warm air is being moved outside, which leaves your house nice and cool. Besides the cost of your conditioner and its installation, you will probably need a separate heating unit to use in your home during the colder months. Give us a call at 800-398-4663 or fill out our free estimate form. Joann, there are many factors in making your choice and you’d really want to meet with a local qualified contractor to go over them. Very high temperatures and very low temperatures make it harder for your heat pump to stay in the comfort zone. There are enough differences between the various types of equipment in function and cost which can influence which one a person would like to purchase. Is a heat pump expected to be as efficient as an A/C unit? Give us a call at 800-398-4663 or fill out a free estimate form and we would be happy to get into the details! Have your contractor show you the total cost of ownership including local energy costs and payments so you can make an informed decision. As we mentioned above, air conditioners only cool your home, but a heat pump can both heat and cool your home. Thank you!! Heat pumps are also mor… It will depend on just how hot that local weather actually gets (and how often it gets that way). They both cool well and both will work hard for you. We have natural gas, gas and power is relatively cheap in our region. It works by transferring heat instead of creating it (furnaces burn fuel to generate heat) which is why it is used as a two way system. There are also other options out there. The heat pump’s main advantage is it can cool and heat, so you can use it all year round. But the thermostat has a “cool” position on it, and in fact it looks like (and feels like) it does cool. If you have relatively low cost electricity, then heat pumps can be much cheaper to run. Here in the Seattle metro area I figure we would need AC for two, maybe three months out of the year. Heat pumps can provide cooling and reduce the cost of your heating, to give most homeowners better payback, especially if you have a less efficient or older furnace. The main difference is that a heat pump can be used all year long—for both cooling and heating. A heat pump is a great choice for Western Washington. Both systems are powered by outdoor units. down to freezing, when you’ll want to have a back up heating system kick in. If they are correct, then we should stick with a gas furnace and add AC separately. The important thing here is that you do not need to suffer through those hot summer nights and prices can be reasonable to cool down. If you are located somewhere with temperature extremes, you may need to supplement cooling or heating for these times of the year. Kudos. Thanks! Heat pumps are the most efficient, but there are times when a heat pump will not perform well – in cases of extreme cold and heat. Would a heat pump be a good choice? We recommend getting service right away. Thanks! Otherwise, you might look in your area for someone who offers free estimates to get a professional opinion of your available comfort options. I am living in Washington State. However, it is typically better to add it from the outset to minimize installation costs. Then we’ll address the all-important question of cost. Hi Jeff, thanks for asking about the savings. Learn how heat pump vs. air conditioners systems actually work to assist you in deciding which one is best for your house. However, a heat pump loses that efficiency when weather dips into the extreme cold, or even below 30 degrees, Jacob … You know your climate the best, but based on averages you would be using the cooling feature about 4 months of the year, part time in June and Sept and a lot of the time in July and August. It sounds like you’ve got a lot to consider. For smaller apartments or single rooms, window units are the most common type of air conditioner. We serve the Olympia area and can draw up a list of very comparable options with higher SEER ratings to get your return on investment even faster. These air conditioners have both an indoor and outdoor unit, which work together to cool the space. gas fired water heater and considering replacing those with a heat pump + tankless gas water heater. There are a lot of benefits to using a heat pump vs air conditioners: When choosing between a heat pump vs AC units, it’s good to know about the positives of air conditioning: Knowing the downsides of air conditioning should also be a part of your decision on whether to go with heat a pump vs AC: Before you can decide on a heat pump vs AC, it’s important to understand what each is and how it works.

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