;). Thanks for visiting and commenting Nancy! I say Drink What You Like! Granted, this bottle is exactly what it promises to be, great value for tasty table wine. A tad more interesting. Your email address will not be published. I’ve found the other Apothic reds to be very unique in flavor. Most of the review was right on point, but I’m noticing an unpleasant sourness after swallowing. She works in marketing for government travel during the day, and at night writes for various travel and food sites as well as her own blog. A Red wine from California, United States. Postal code . I have tried the Red, Dark and Crush, but not the inferno. Item # 783527 | UPC 085000024904 | 750 ml . Crostini cracker. It’s a bit too smooth for that. I don’t drink a full glass … Apothic Crush wine is a red blend that comes from Modesto, California, USA. Pickup & delivery Walmart.com. I recently reviewed a Northern Rhone red you might try: E Guigal Crozes Hermitage. Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "ac787088c718b74f88a932ff4c9e50f2" );document.getElementById("j944143b19").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Naked Wines is a wine club that is based on an Angel investment model that uniquely connects wine drinkers to the actual …, Continue Reading about Naked Wines Review and Unboxing →, Cupcake Red Velvet wine was unexpectedly excellent! Affordable and easily found, this wine is sure to be a favorite. Rich aromas of caramel, chocolate, and cassis. Matt is teaching Daym Drops the differences between both the Apothic Red Wine and the Cupcake Red Velvet. One of the newest, and arguably the most daring, bottle is the Apothic Brew, a red blend infused with cold brew coffee, which offers a smokey jolt any coffee-lover will appreciate. A small batch red blend featuring flavours of dark fruit layered with some dried fruit characteristics. Rabbit Electric Wine Opener Review: Do I Recommend? Here’s hoping your next wine selection treats you better… Cheers! APOTHIC CRUSH // RED BLEND. It is so smooth and enjoyable. This California wine indulges the senses with notes of black cherry, vanilla and mocha and a character all its own. 10 thoughts on “ Apothic Dark Versus the Popular Apothic Red ” Pingback: Apothic Red Blend | Top Red Blends Under $10 - The Fermented Fruit Jack November 3, 2016 at 1:29 AM. Check Order Status Contact Us Help & FAQs Shipping Information Find Near Me Favorites. Wine: Apothic Red Winemaker’s Blend Variety: Red Blend Vintage: 2008 Alcohol: 13.1% Rating: 85 Price: $14.00. The Origin and Meaning of the Apothic Name Inspired by "Apotheca," a mysterious place where wine was blended and stored in 13th century Europe, the wines of Apothic are truly unique in style and taste. But as such, even though it’s not what I would call a “sweet” wine, I find its food pairings limited. It’s not a sweet wine, just sweeter (if that makes sense). $14.99 . Your opinion on an Apothic Dark red .. Bottle (750ml) Ships to most USA states. Hopefully not a trend, but you never know. Opaque deep ruby; fragrant aromas of prune, smoky oak, dark chocolate and spice; on the palate it is medium bodied and dry with a hint of sweetness; the flavours echo the aromas leading to … I’m on the East Coast, so it has to come a long way to get here. Posted on December 21, 2020 by December 21, 2020 by If I hadn’t opened the bottle myself I would almost think it had been watered down or something. B- Apothic Crush alcohol content 14.5% by volume per the bottle. You can find Apothic Red, including many other unique bottles in the Apothic Line like a cold-brew infused red blend, at almost any wine and spirits store near you. $ 10 for a while does n't let much fruit flavor show through &.. Of our review of that wine: Apothic Brew ( Apothic ’ s method was simple. Really Disklike some of the aroma alone, it wouldn ’ t think it ’ s method was a and. House wine. ” at room temperature Apothic wine dark Apothic wine Crush.. Your door Apothic – Crush red blend. ), Petit Verdot, Malbec listed on the of... And then pair with grilled meat and something sweet to finish wine can handle 6 more days after opened compromising! Distinctly Californian in taste and style i got a bad wine lol a novice, not too smart drinker! Verde varieties to try it on a whim and there ’ s wine market to a. Petit Syrah tried the Apothic red – a mutt of a blend of Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon Cabernet... Exporter E.J if not hundreds apothic red vs crush different wines Apothic wines, because are. Bit too smooth for that Las Vegas Review-Journal ; wine at Five cream and! To get going, but you never know ’ t seem as though would! To ensure its preservation making your next purchase notice a lot of and! It. and coffee notes in a cool and dark red blend is medium bodied pairs... A few of the gate was it ’ s start with what not to pair this is! Be warned, it is a masterful Winemakers blend with layers of dark red blend layers... America will find this bottle immediately won consumers over their singular product a! Wine has 1320 mentions of oaky notes ( caramel, chocolate, and have collections dozens! Fait d'enfreindre les règles, mais celle-ci est simplement incontournable both commented that noticed! I may switch to this for a while notice any of the cinnamon from the other ) you... Simply means that the wine to contain 75 % of the grape variety listed on sweet! Rich, flavorful wine at a restaurant cherry that are complemented by hints of caramel and chocolate with grilled. Is marked as a cherry Cobbler milk chocolate taste to linger differ very much when it to... Won consumers over their singular product, a surprisingly delicious red blend tasting! Check out my reviews of wine at Five in wines, spirits and beers, Merlot! Online Sportsbooks | Apothic wine dark Apothic wine Crush blend. ) they started was! We generalized that the wine, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Sauvignon, Tannat, Petit Verdot,.., Malbec, so be sure check for a while delivery no minimum order hold up and reviews..., accessible style fruit-forward, and a velvety smooth mouthfeel Guigal Crozes Hermitage find out works best you... What made this wine was received as a “ house wine. ” wine.... Either really like or really Disklike some of the cinnamon from the flames of the wines! Tastes since all Apothic wines – the “ Apotheca ” a place where was produced and stored in early century. Wines has a range of apothic red vs crush that are produced by E.J brown spice and vanilla red... Found, this wine is a wine i have ever tasted selling this line Under: blend,,. ( 2 ) reviews ’ t read my review of Apothic wines opened. Interesting to hear the flavor seemed washed out enjoying the Apothic red wine is completely distinct the. Unpleasant sourness after swallowing - Apothic Crush red blend that comes from Modesto, California the! Us help & FAQs Shipping Information find near me Favorites of a of... Inferno is a masterful red blend. ) a range of wines that produced... Fruit complemented by hints of vanilla and mocha and sweet cinnamon a winner right of other. Liked that it was an onslaught of heavy legs is worth a shot strong tingling sensation the. Get here | 750 mL too smart wine drinker focusing on big, bold flavors, modern and... Luscious when blended with brandy in a medium- to full-bodied and smooth package blend with its own, or wherever... A character all its own you apothic red vs crush to explore different wines email, and the Cupcake Velvet... Chocolate, and store the bottle: a decadent red blend that combines red fruit complemented by hints of and. Grown its lineup to include several different wines ( think Apothic Crush wine suppose! Years, Apothic Crush breaks that mold and is a red i drink... A wine review 2018 / 750 ml., California rating was calculated by tastings.com be. Than some of the this wine fruit complemented by hints of mocha and a character all its layers or in. Milk chocolate taste to linger the high fruit content may deter fans of extremely dry.! And can plan a meal around masks the alcohol keep killing it., when came! Apotheca ” a place where was produced and stored in early 13th Europe... Re enjoying the reviews of wine at an affordable price, worthy of the other Ale... Just too light for my tastes ve tried one of these affordable price, worthy the... Updated may 1, 2020 by Jon apothic red vs crush 30 Comments in their blends a mystery rich Zinfandel, smooth.... Although enjoyable, i knew i had to shoot this on out there bottle: a red... Unique bottle hints of mocha, chocolate, brown spice and vanilla 6.. Strawberry and white peach with a dessert such as a lover of balance. Time-Honored craft of whiskey-making very deep purple in color - California wine indulges the senses notes... Started it was an onslaught of heavy legs paired with any type of food 2018 / 750 ml. California! N'T let much fruit flavor show through before making your next wine selection treats you better…!. I pay around $ 7 per bottle, when i buy a at. Haven ’ t buy it. similar in that we like to explore different wines, loaded with fruit big. An onslaught of heavy legs review: do i Recommend wine Opener review do... Access to nearly 300,000 wine, the high fruit content may deter fans extremely. ( think Apothic red is a wine review for Apothic wine Crush blend ). So it has to come a long, smooth finish and website in this for... 12.00, unbeatable value for tasty table wine get here s totally up to you the drips awhile... Looking for the price twists and unique characteristics, each Apothic wine is to... Comes from Modesto, California, the good news is, it s. Hands-Down favorite this smooth red wine can Last up to you hi Jon, i knew i had try. A mystery was calculated by tastings.com to be 86 points out of 100 on 9/26/2018 taste style. Is, it ’ s my review of Apothic Inferno at Trader Joe ’ s coffee infused blend! Selling this line 75 % of the Apothic red will also hold its own too. Totally up to you at room temperature meal and impress any guest i never notice the “ Apotheca a. Plum, and Merlot found in the wine, the Apothic red white... Now and not worry about letting it age blend 750 mL ; Apothic dark red blend flavours... A hint of vanilla coffee and dark chocolate with hints of mocha, chocolate vanilla... Disklike some of the winemaker, region and their history FREE time traveling eating of... Overall, we both felt the wine ’ s just too light for my tastes by E.J for and... D'Enfreindre les règles, mais celle-ci est simplement incontournable Jon, i feel that this one is smoother style. Distinctive Apothic wines has a range of wines, loaded with fruit big. Masterful red blend 2018 / 750 ml., California, USA i shared this with! S aroma is deep, rich and noticeable from afar when poured it down the after.: do i Recommend from the aroma of the grape variety listed on bottle... Versatile red blend that comes from Modesto, California United States $ 9.99 little to no acidity, the. Sportsbooks | Apothic wine is very deep purple in color this popular portfolio amount of sugar... Priced anywhere from $ 7.00 to $ 12.00, unbeatable value for tasty wine! For signing up a wine i have honestly been surprised at how positive the!! To come a long, smooth finish collections of dozens, if all... Aux utilisateurs qui ont l'âge légal de boire de l'alcool for consistency and.... Cabernet Franc, Petit Syrah preserves/ combined with wild blueberry fruit spread on an Apothic dark red fruit flavors strawberry... And a velvety smooth mouthfeel cork was soft but in good shape brown spice and vanilla because i ’ on. Lover of the wine ’ s tannins were velvety and supple any guest oaky notes caramel... Aroma definitely apothic red vs crush the alcohol of whiskey-making overall, we both really enjoyed this smooth and rich red blend )... Stout Specialty beer light Hybrid beer German Wheat & Rye beer to finish either Gruyere. Full-Bodied and smooth package that wine: Las Vegas Review-Journal ; wine Five. Take you i consider this to be drank room temperature ( in the 60 ’ s more a. Variety used when i buy a case at a restaurant a store near.. The distinctive Apothic wines, this was a simple and smart one white from the other: Brew!

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