2016 Fall Fair Results

The Ambassador Program for Friday night, September 9, was will attended. MP Bill Walker said a few words of encouragement to the Ambassador Contestants and he participated as the Auctioneer with Brent Parish for the Food Auction . Deputy Major Mark Davis officially open the evening events and he was involved in the Food Auction. The Ambassador Program winners were Senior Ambassador Alexis Pembleton, Junior Ambassador Leah Quilty and Tiny Tot Ambassador Romy Shriek. Even though the weather was not good on Saturday for the Chesley Fall Fair, the Horse Show managed to finish half their program, there were lots of people in the Arena to take in the exhibition displays and enjoy the different demonstrations. There were many kids playing the games, and the parents were impress that there were so many different games and will presented.

Top point winners

Vegetables – Ross Dudgeon

Fruit – Ross Dudgeon

Home Preserves – Marion McAllister

Culinary Arts – 1st – Reta Hemstock; 2nd– Brenda McAllister

Arts and Crafts – Mae Smith

Amateur Photography – Dorothy Kaufman

Quilts & Afghans – Grace Millea and Ann Reid (tie)

Juniors – 1st– Linda Cotter; 2nd– Bradon Nicoll

Sewing – Grace Millea

Floral Exhibits – Lorretta Mason

Golden Age – Ann Reid

Antique & Collectables – Reg Mannerow

Field Crops – Ben Rhody

First Prize Food Auction

Pecan pie made by Brenda McAllister was bought by Brian Osterndorffof Roberts Farm Equipment for $400

Jar of Pickled eggs made by Kathy Cotter was bought by John Rhody for $180

Winner of Bossy Bingo – Alycia Van Beusekom

Final Cash Draw Winner of $500.00 – Mark Klages

Children’s Draw Winners – Joseph Halliday & Jessica Verhees

Despite the very wet weather during the morning, people came out to support the Fair and we are very appreciative of their support.

The Chesley Fall Fair extends a big thank you to all the volunteers who helped made our fair a success!

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